This National Geographic published in November of 1915, includes content describing Armenians and Armenia.
It is a good read and a documentation of the past history.

Matress Cotton Fluffer

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Artsakank has asked scholar and researcher of the Armenian community, Alexander-Michael Hadjilyra to post an article every day as a tribute to the survivors of the Armenian Genocide who fled to Cyp

I thought you may like to know what the interior of classroom looks like today

This is a recent photo of what the classrooms interiors looks like today.

Another painting that should not be missed

These stunning photos are from the last Armenia Trip in July 2018.
Attendees were Koko, Avo, Shahen, Ohan, Hera, Hermine.

Setrag hosted the June 2018 reunion in his backyard.

The celebration has already started.

Bon Voyage 
On May 20th, Koko, Avo and Hovannes stopped by to see Anania in Greece.
After this visit they will headed for Armenia to meet-up with Georgik.
Will update you as time progresses.